Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a few things

I'm really busy at the moment, moving into a new apartment. So I won't have much time for blogging over the next couple days.

1. Here in Nova Scotia, there are some concerns about tasers. It seems that police are using them as a "compliance tool" on people who are not actively resisting. Imagine that. People in positions of authority over others abusing that power. Shocking.

2. Stephen Harper is trying to get Tom Zytaruk to testify on the authenticity of his interview tape in which the PM apparently acknowledges that a life insurance policy was offered to dying MP Chuck Cadman in exchange for a crucial vote. The Tories have long alleged that portions of the audio on the tape were doctored, based on expert analysis of a copy they obtained. Should be interesting.

3. Finally, John Cole is exasperated over the media's failure to notice the McCain campaign's disastrous week:

What is most amazing about all this is that he keeps getting away with it, and
the media refuses to hold him responsible for the things he says. Imagine if Obama
had done all these things this wee
k- they would be doing post-mortems on the
failed Obama candidacy on the Sunday shows. Compare the reaction to the whiners
comment and the Obama bitter remarks. Those seats on the new
Straight Talk Express
must be really hard to earn.

Even worse, TIME's Mark Halperin declared this to be a good week for McCain and the Republicans!

Despite the dozens of slip-ups, gaffes, flip-flops, and other pretty glaring
mistakes made by the McCain campaign, an overall disastrous performance,
Time’s Mark Halperin declares the week a win for… McCain and

Not only that, but McCain won every metric Halperin used to judge, save one, the
economy. On that, even with Gramm’s “whiner” comments and the tanking market and
skyrocketing costs of fuel (now at $147 a barrel) and McCain’s calling Social
Security a disgrace, Halperin did not see fit to score that a win for the
Democrats. He called it a tie.

Screw it. I am going outside to get some sun.
I am going to break my computer if I keep reading this crap. Liberal media, my

I don't know how anyone can watch this coverage and still buy into the "liberal media" bullshit.

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