Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too damn hot

Well, the heat is stifling this Thursday evening, even here in Halifax. So I don't have much energy for blogging.

I'll direct you to this excellent post on ginandtacos, satirizing the McCain campaign:

My fellow Americans,

Now that I’m making up a little ground in the polls I think we should talk about what I am doing. Frankly you all are starting to worry me a bit. Some of you are seriously considering voting for me. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is?

Listen. This entire campaign is just an elaborate piece of performance art. An experiment, if you will. We are seriously just fucking around with you - seeing how blatantly we can give you the finger without losing your support. I had Phil Gramm (remember when he ran for President and finished behind Lamar Alexander?!?!) go on TV and call you a bunch of whiners for complaining about the economy. Read that again - my multimillionaire surrogate mocked your economic difficulties! I also promised to stay in Iraq (you know, that war you fucking hate!) for 100 years while all but guaranteeing a new war in Iran. It’s like Marcel Duchamp crawled from the grave and ran for President.

I’m publicly dropping hints that Mitt Romney will be my running mate. Mitt Fucking Romney!!! I mean, come on. I can barely even talk about it with a straight face, and you retards just keep applauding! Next I’ll roast a live panda over a bonfire while my campaign staff steal medicine from pediatric cancer patients. And my supporters will send more checks! Ha ha!

Even when I act senile - trying to provoke a reaction like “Oh my God, this demented fossil can’t possibly have his finger on the button” - you’re unfazed! I just gave a goddamn speech about Czechoslovakia (and did it again after I got called on it!) That hasn’t been a country for, what, 20 years? Your response: crown me a foreign policy “expert!” You gotta be shitting me.

Click the link for more.

What else?

Well, it seems Canada is a good place to live if you have cancer. That's good to hear, but our stats on colorectal cancer aren't so great. I don't even know what colorectal cancer is, but it sounds bad.

Anyway, go see The Dark Knight tomorrow! I sure as hell am; I've got my tickets for IMAX, and am just bubbling over with excitement.

UPDATE: Okay, this is just classic. Larry Craig: "we won't let them jerk us around by the gas nozzle"

Oh my god. I'm just about LOL'd out when it comes to Larry Craig. Lest we forget, there was also this gem from our favorite toilet paper challenged Senator:

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