Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can has fan?

From time to time, I like to see where my readership is coming from, and how they're finding my blog, all that fun stuff. So it was with great surprise (and more than a little delight) that I discovered this link.

Yes, I have a fan!

It seems this blogger, who goes by the alias of NosferatusCoffin (must be some kind of weird pedophile vampire groupie), describes himself as "The anvil that falls on liberal's (sic) heads", and whom I suspect is a lot like this guy in real life, thinks my blog was inspired by his blog,

Some comments from the thread, which I shall respond to in turn:

First, from Nosferatus Superstar himself:

This guy looks to be some Daily K(rhymes with punt) worshipping Canuck who I am sure was inspired by my blog's site title.

I suppose I should be flattered....NOT!
Nope. You shouldn't be. In fact, I had never even heard of your shitty little nutjob blog. Second, I don't worship Daily Kos, only Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky, Malcom X, Che Guevera, and Karl Marx.

Next, "Covertness", who I'm sure is very, verrry sneaky in real life....

A canuk who spends all his time bitching about the US.

No, I bitch about anything that is worth bitching about. It isn't my fault if so much bitch-worthy stuff comes from the US of A.

Another pearl of wisdom from our favorite vampire groupie:

Indeed. I suppose we should be grateful that he is already in Moose Land. Now, to just herd all Leftists there, for good.

God knows there is plenty of empty space up there. Especially in the Yukon Territory.
Actually, I have never seen a live moose in my entire life and I live in Nova Scotia. It says so right up there in the top right corner. Can't you morans read?

...I guess I shouldn't mock the illiterate. They have value to society too; someone's gotta clean those dirty public toilets! But they probably shouldn't try to write blogs for a living...

Next, an actual admin (or "Lady Templar") by the name of Talismen (what is it with these people and their fantasy names?) said the following:
You should file suit against his ass.
His canadian-whisky-drunken ass
Yeah, good luck with that, you sister-fucking toothless rednecks. Hey, you want to hurl baseless epithets at me, it's only fair to respond in kind!

Just remember fellas, we Canadians are EVERYWHERE. Especially where you least expect us. And we have a plan....

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skdadl said...

Well, that was a palate-cleansing read. Well done.