Monday, September 15, 2008

Tory support slipping?

Maybe a little bit, according to this:

Support for Stephen Harper's Conservatives appears to have softened after briefly climbing into majority territory during the opening week of the federal election campaign.

The trend suggests the Tory Leader may have bumped up against the same glass ceiling that has prevented him from capturing a majority in the past, with Canadians backing away from the prospect of giving Conservatives unfettered power.
According to the latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima rolling survey, conducted Sept. 11-14, Tory support slipped to 38 per cent from 41 per cent over the past four days.

Liberal support rebounded slightly to 27 per cent, up three percentage points. The New Democrats had 16 per cent, up two points, while the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois remained stable at 9 per cent and 8 per cent respectively.

(h/t Impolitical)

The funny thing about the Canadian electorate is that we don't seem to trust Harper with a majority government, but that doesn't mean we want someone else in power.

The Tories certainly had a rough week, but it's hard to say how significant such minor shifts in the polls are. We'll have a better idea of where this is going after the debates.

Dion really needs to get out there and define the Green Shift in a positive way. He needs to deflect Conservative claims that it will wreck the economy and drop a crushing tax burden on working families. But really, using a new tax as the centerpiece of an election campaign is really uncharted territory.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose its too early to tell either way.My mind is already made up and im going with Harper.The Liberals got us into the mess in Afganistan and unlike liberals we will not cut and run.The New Democrats may think they are tapping first time voters but i remember very clearly an NDP govt in Ontario that left us in debt thanks to socialist policies of Bob Rae,(who is now a Liberal).The Bloc Quebecois will be lucky to even be a political party after this election.Their sepration from canada is dead in the water since quebecers arent being persecuted in this country.By UN regulations,they have to show that they cannot run for office(JC,BM,PM,and now SD are all from quebec as well as pierre trudeau.)The Green party is ..well GREEN.What more can i say?
As a country we need to reaffirm who and what we stand for.Not whos ass we are kissing in the world(China,Taliban aka Jack Layton).
So that eliminates most opposition to Harper in my book.I want to know why we keep buying second hand equipment for our troops,when im sure the Americans will sell us some hi tech gear at a discount.With Russia being more aggressive,we need to think long and hard before we constantly bash allies like the united states.