Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Naz...KK...Republican Convention

Man, I only watched a little bit of it tonight, and I have just a few comments.

First off, what kind of despicable troglodytes think "community organizer" is a laugh line? Most of those pearl wearing, vodka slurping fat cats in attendence wouldn't know community service if it bit them in the ass.

Second, Rudy Giuliani is one of the biggest assholes in existence. His entire speech was truly puke-inducing.

Third, did ANY of the speakers make a single substantive comment about how John McCain would make the country better? A comment that wasn't based on lies, of course (of which there were many). There was a lot of fluffy talk about "service" and "heroism", and how bad the terrorist-loving Defeatocrats are, but did anyone spell out just what exactly McCain/Palin would do to fix health care? To balance the budget? To salvage the situation in Afghanistan? To combat climate change? To find alternatives to oil? If so, I must have missed it between all the juvenile partisan mudslinging and mockery.

Might have more reaction tomorrow, if I can stomach it.

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