Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bottoming out

I would have more to say about the plummeting stock markets, but I'm sick, tired and grumpy, and have little energy or motivation for blogging right now. So I'll just leave you with a few informative links.

Here's something positive, Canadian banks ranked soundest in the world. (the US is ranked 40)

CIBC says that the world will avoid a global recession, and Jim Flaherty says that Canada is "well-positioned" to weather this crisis, but does anyone actually believe them?

Dean Baker says that low stock prices are actually good news for us young folks who can buy them really cheap and see them grow astronomically once the markets recover. I know I'm buying. But not until next week.

My initial reaction to McCain's latest idea to save the world was fair. It's a joke.

And poor Dion, just when he was gaining in the polls, he goes and fumbles an easy question on the economy during a CTV interview. Repeatedly. (I understand that he has a slight hearing problem, but it seems like he has trouble understanding the concept of the question, which is more than a little weird)

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