Friday, October 24, 2008

Off the deep end

BREAKING HARD AND FAST- White Woman McCain Volunteer Not Robbed, Attacked, Mutilated, and Assaulted By Swarthy Member of Obama Thugocracy!!!

First off, Matt Drudge is a shithead. Second, hee.

I quite like this post from Kevin Drum. It fills me with warm feelings:

Let’s summarize the past couple of days: (a) Politico reports that La Palin has
spent $150,000 on campaign outfits, (b) John McCain’s brother calls 911 to
complain about a traffic jam and then curses at the operator for telling him to
get off the line, (c) the New York Times reports that Palin also spent $30,000
or so on hair and makeup over a period of two weeks, and (d) a white woman who
claimed she was attacked by a black Obama supporter admits that the whole thing
was a hoax.

Tim F. from Balloon Juice adds :

He was also endorsed by al Qaeda. Plus, some of McCain’s own advisors are abandoning the campaign and endorsing Obama. Then there is the possibility that McCain is hanging out in Pennsylvania because the Obama campaign played him out of competing in competitive states. By the way, wasn’t the second investigation into Palin’s abuse of power due to issue a report one of these days?

This right wing meltdown is really quite amusing to watch. Take Andy McCarthy ; the guy's like a walking punchline, so crazed and incoherent have his postings become! And the supposed home of "serious conservative intellectuals", National Review Online, actually employs him! That's right, instead of spreading his nuttiness from his mother's basement while doing his best not to drool on the keyboard, a "respectable" publication has this man in their employ! They also employ nutjob morons like Jonah "Liberal Fascism" Goldberg and Mark Steyn (an unfortunate Canadian), so "intellectual" is not the word I would use to describe what goes on at K-Lo's House of Crazy, but still! You gotta have some standards.

Steyn notwithstanding, there is really no equivalent to this kind of nuttiness here in Canada, at least not nuttiness that has a voice in the national dialog. Sure, some of the conservative blogs are a bit out to lunch, but even those are a pale imitation of what passes for daily fare at Redstate.

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