Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election liveblogging #2

9:31 PM - Another one bites the dust; New Hampshire called for Obama. I guess he won't be losing any blue states. It's all offense from here on in.

9:58 PM - Okay, Virginia is finally tightening. It's about damn time. It looks like it might be a squeaker, and not the five or six point race the polls were predicting, but I honestly don't know enough to say for sure.

10:16 PM - Lots of states called now, with Obama at around 174 EV, still leading in Florida and North Carolina by significant margins. Early numbers from Ohio look good as well. But the one I'm really interested remains Indiana, partly because it's a real bell-weather state. Way too close to call at this point, but it looks like Gary is really late reporting, just as they were in the primary.

As it stands, Obama needs less than 100 more EV, with more than 50 already accounted for with California.

10:27 PM - Nets are calling Ohio for Obama. Ladies and gentlemen, it is fucking over.

11:10 PM - Well, Obama's finally pulled ahead in Virginia. Indiana is still irritatingly close, but I think he'll pull ahead there as well. Look for the popular vote spread to increase once New York and California start reporting in large numbers, which is important. I think Obama needs a bigger mandate than a 50-50 election.

12:02 PM - Okay, CNN just called it as California and the Pacific Northwest came in. Awesome. Feels damn good, after 2 years of being so invested in this election.

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