Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Canadian Election Watch

Tories losing ground with voters.

I've been stunned at the longevity of Stephen Harper's Conservative government, just like everyone else. It's had a lot to do with the general weakness of the current Liberal party; Stephane Dion just isn't viewed as Prime Ministerial by most Canadians.

Still, if the Tories drop low enough in the polls, it may embolden the Liberals enough to make a go at it. The result will almost certainly be yet another minority government. It seems to be unavoidable as long as the Bloc Quebecois continues to hold 40-50 seats in the House of Commons.

For my part, I'm rather ambivalent. Neither major party commands much respect from me (and I refuse to take the NDP seriously), so I am best described as "undecided". And an election may be a long ways off anyway.

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