Monday, May 19, 2008

Residual anti-Hillary anger

Yes, I know Obama has told his supporters to be nice. I know that attacking Hillary now is kind of pointless, since she's already lost. And I know the Democrats need to be unified. But screw that. I'm not a Democrat, I'm Canadian. This is my blog, and I'll say whatever I damn well please.

Even so, I wish I could just move on and devote my time to McCain bashing. But Hillary isn't making it easy.

Even with the math as hopeless as ever, and with Obama set to secure a majority of pledged delegates tomorrow, Hillary appears to be campaigning harder than ever, and her campaign is still sending out crap like this:

Hillary Camp: Obama's "Plan" To Declare Victory Is Insult To Her "17 Million Supporters"

Ugh. Like I said, the best way for her to go out is to run a dignified campaign, sticking to the issues, and attacking the Republicans. To try and begin the healing process after such a bruising primary. But nooooo....

She'll probably trumpet her inevitable win tomorrow in Kentucky as more proof that Obama can't win white voters, and she'll find some excuse not to count Oregon, just as she has with all the other states she's lost. And we'll no doubt hear a lot of the number 2210. What is the significance of this number, you ask? Why, it's the number of delegates needed to win the nomination, of course! If you count Florida and Michigan, that is.


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