Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Four reasons why Lanny Davis is an idiot

Can't think of much else to blog about, so I guess I'll make fun of Lanny Davis.

Davis is a hardcore Hillary Clinton partisan whose bullshit has been unmatched by just about any other hardcore Hillary Clinton partisan during the primaries. Today he posted something on Huffington Post that truly must be seen to be believed:

The follow(sic) are four things that the Obama campaign couldn't resist doing to anger Clinton supporters, supporters that Sen. Obama needs in the general election if -- if -- he is the nominee.

1. Couldn't resist waiting one day after Sen. Clinton won West Virginia by 41 points to announce John Edwards endorsement.

Should Obama have waited two days? Should he have told Edwards to go fuck himself? Should he have travelled back in time and got Edwards to endorse him sooner?

2. Couldn't resist waiting to win majority of ALL delegates (not just pledged delegates) to do victory lap speech in Iowa the night Hillary won Kentucky by 36 points.

The bastard! How dare he spoil Her Majesty's party!

3. Couldn't resist waiting to win majority of all delegates to announce Jim Johnson as VP search committee head -- the first candidate in my memory ever to do so while his chief opponent is still fighting for nomination -- and winning in last primary in crucial border state by 36 points (Kentucky).

What's the rush?

He already announced his VP search committee head? The fiend!

4. Couldn't resist listing Bill Richardson as under consideration for Veep - the one Red Flag name that infuriates even moderate Clinton supporters the most -- not because he chose to endorse Sen. Obama, but the way he did it, i.e., his inability to avoid making negative comments about Sen. Clinton while doing so -- another person who sometimes can't resist the temptation of not being gracious when he should be, a great disappointment to many of his former close friends from the Clinton camp and which will not be forgotten.

Shorter Lanny Davis: Judas' betrayal will not soon be forgiven. When the rightful heiress to the throne returns with her terrible vengeance, much blood will be spilled. All shall fear her wrath and despair.

...or Hillary Clinton is henceforth shunned by the Democratic party, fades into obscurity, and neither she or her batshit insane supporters ever bother us again.


basil said...

Ha, tell us how you really feel!

First impressions are always hard to overcome, but my opinion of you has always been that of the cool, calm and patient, calculating intellectual, scalpelating the fallacious reasoning of your opponent with deadly accuracy.

Well now, these Anglo-Saxon witticisms have shot that vision all to hell!

: )

BTW, congratulations to you, your brother and the families for the marriage.

May it be happy.


Desmond said...

Thanks basil! It was a lot of fun, and they are very happy.

As for my calm, cool reasoning, that sort of disappears when confronted with a subject like Lanny Davis. There's really no way to approach it other than merciless mockery.