Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia Democratic primary

What better time to start blogging than at the end of the nomination contest to end all nomination contests? Half of me wishes I had started sooner, considering how interesting it has all been, and how important it is for not just our neighbors down south, but for the entire world.

8 years of George Bush have fucked things up royally, and I think it's important the next US president represents something entirely different, and...may I say, more sane. That's why I support Barack Obama for president, as he represents a real change, no matter how cliched that slogan has become.

Obama is a candidate who refuses to pander, who refuses to tolerate lobbyist influences on his campaign, who had the judgement to oppose the Iraq war for the beginning, who has the integrity to stay out of the muck no matter how sleazy the attacks against him become, and who, as a black man and son of a Kenyan foreign student, really embodies the American dream.

So if you don't like Obama, stay away from this blog. That's called "fair warning".

There isn't much to say about the West Virginia primary tonight; results haven't started coming in, but by all accounts, it should be quite a massacre. Here's hoping Obama stays above 30% or so. I really cannot recommend a better election resource than Daily Kos (and independent) blogger poblano, who predicts a roughly 68-28 margin tonight.

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