Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do we really have to?

It looks like we will have an election after all. Harper's concocting some sad tale about the government being "disfunctional" (even though he's won some forty gazilion confidence votes), and Canada needing an election to sort things out.

This editorial from Lawrence Martin the Globe and Mail spells things out in an appropriately cynical way.

I dunno, maybe Harper is nervous about ethics investigations, or an Obama presidency, or whatever the hell else. But is this really the right time? Harper should stick to his fixed election date, and keep daring the opposition to bring him down. Until they do, he doesn't have a good excuse to call an election, and certainly not now of all times, with the US election campaign starting up in earnest. It would be a huge, even overpowering distraction.

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Mé said...

I left a comment on Blue Like You's blogsite. The blogger seems to want an election so that we can have a stronger opposition party. I had to agree. If the Liberals had a stronger leader, Canada would have had an election last year. We would now have a stronger opposition called the Conservative Party.