Saturday, August 30, 2008

For anyone who missed it

It's too bad that there was so little discussion of Obama's speech today, but the utter absurdity of McCain's surprise VP pick caught everyone off guard, I think. 38 million Americans watched it on television, but for those that missed it for one reason or another:

I'd have to say it was the best speech he's ever given. It was positive, full of platitudes about unity and laundry lists of the great things Obama will do as President (how he'll pay for all of them wasn't explained), but it also included some sharp attacks against McCain, long overdue, in my opinion.

Most effective, I think, was the part where he proclaimed that "America is better than this". Because it's true. The US is better than torture. It's better than letting a city drown. It's better than leaving tens of millions of people without health insurance. And it's better than the politics of Karl Rove. That isn't America. That's Bush's America.

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