Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High school politics and revisiting Star Wars

So, as we all wait with baited breath to see what Hillary Clinton has to say, there's just a couple other things I'd like to mention this evening.

1. Looks like Stephane Dion is none too eager for a fall election (neither am I, to be frank; the one south of the border is quite enough). Andrew Coyne thinks it's funny:

A source close to the Prime Minister said Dion was, like, totally avoiding him
in the halls and stuff. “Ohmigod, it’s like sooo obvious. He can deny it, but
it’s all over school.”

A Liberal official, speaking on condition of
anonymity, was like “no way.” The Prime Minister, according to the source, was
like “yes way.”

At a hastily convened press conference, Dion suggested he had
math fifth period and could see the Prime Minister then, but that after that he
had a chem lab that he was “totally freaked out about.”

Harper countered that there was no way he was going to end it, that if Dion wanted to end it he should call him…


2. With Star Wars: The Clone Wars out in theatres, and me not too excited to see it, I stumbled across something called Star Wars: Revisited. What is this, you ask? Only the COOLEST FUCKING THING EVER!

In all seriousness, this is what the Special Edition should have been. It is a fan-edit, with no official sanction from Lucasfilm, but it is so well done, it puts their official efforts to shame. The creator of this wonderful new version of Star Wars (he goes by Adywan) has taken the good parts of the original cut and the good parts of the special editions and spliced them together to make a definitive cut. Additionally, he has fixed numerous technical glitches and bloopers that were never fixed in any official release, added new music to various scenes (always appropriate, never intrusive), and even added entirely new special effects sequences that are on par with the studio efforts.

Obviously, with all the additions, it's not exactly purist (but Han does shoot first!), but in Revisited, Adywan has created what I feel to be the definitive version of the original Star Wars. And we were due for one, given all the technical glitches that infested the 2004 DVD release of the OT. Right now, he is hard at work on The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited, but you can find the first movie available for download on Bittorrent and Rapidshare here.

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