Monday, June 2, 2008

The end at last?

The FINAL primaries in the Democratic race are tomorrow, and my god, does it ever feel good. Obama is expected to win both (though a very unreliable pollster, ARG, has Hillary up by a big margin in South Dakota....we'll see...), and there are some signs that Hillary may be ready to concede the race tomorrow night.

Of course, this has been rumored before, and it hasn't materialized. But we may very well have reached a turning point. The Florida and Michigan questions have been settled (much to the disgruntlement of Clinton supporters, but she was lucky to get anything out of those illegitimate elections, much less a net 25 delegates), and there will be no more pledged delegates to win after tomorrow. After that, it will be all up to the superdelegates, and unless she wins over 80% of the remainder, she has no hope of catching up to Obama.

I think she knows, deep down, that taking the fight all the way to the convention is not going to win her many friends. And she'll hardly be able to base her candidacy on electability, since winning only after a bitter convention struggle is hardly going to make her more electable. She knows the end is nigh. And that is why I believe Hillary will indeed drop out tomorrow night. At the same time, she has proved me wrong before...

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