Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She's dropping out

Yes, Hillary. Really.

I can't believe it either. But good for her. Would have been better last night though...

What has to happen now is this:

She's going to congratulate Obama and say she's supporting him. That is a given. But what she also needs to do is appear on stage with him, give him a big hug, say that he won fair and square, and say that it's okay for her supporters to get behind him. Say that it was a tough campaign, but all that's behind us now. And now what is needed is a unified Democratic party to push back against the catastrophic legacy of George W. Bush, and to beat Bush's 3rd term, otherwise known as John McCain.

And Obama has to say even more nice things about Hillary. He has to commend her on her tenacity, her unwillingness to compromise on her principles (it doesn't matter if it's true or not; that's what her supporters believe), and all her many achievements. Magnanimity overload is what is called for here. And they have to give the impression that they are united, or their supporters will not follow suit.

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