Friday, June 6, 2008

Hillary's debt

Supposedly, it amounts to $30 million.

Naturally, the politic thing to do would be for Obama to ask his supporters to chip in and help her pay off this massive debt load. It would be smart in that it would help her get on board with his campaign, and would make many of Hillary's supporters more favorably disposed to him.

However. And this is a big however. There is one person responsible for this debt, and one person alone. Hillary Clinton. It was she who chose to fight on to the bitter end. It was she who chose to loan herself $11 million. And now Obama is supposed to help pay for something that actively hurt him? Obama is supposed to help pay for what is now being used in RNC attack ads? Obama is supposed to help pay Mark fucking Penn's massive salary? Fuck that.

The Clintons are rich. As in, really rich. She should just take a loss on the $11 million, and pay off the rest from their massive personal fortune. It's even a good moral lesson (something she is sorely in need of): quit once you've lost.

But no, I fully expect Obama to help her out. He's been maneuvered into a position where he kind of has to do something for her; he doesn't want to give her VP, but this might do the trick. Just makes me mad, that's all.

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