Saturday, June 14, 2008

Totalitarian creationists

Remember when the Kansas school board decided to remove evolution from high school biology curricula? It was a proud day for ignorant simpletons and religious fanatics alike (though perhaps not such a proud day for non-ignorant and non-fanatical Kansans). Tom Willis of the "Creation Science Association" (an oxymoron if I ever saw one) helped draft those groundbreaking new educational standards.

And now, he's at it again, with this fairly disturbing proclamation:

The arrogance displayed by the evolutionist class is totally unwarrented (sic). The facts warrent (sic) the violent expulsion of all evolutionists from civilized society. I am quite serious that their danger to society is so great that, in a sane society, they would be, at a minimum, denied a vote in the administration of the society, as well as any job where they might influence immature humans, e.g., scout, or youth, leader, teacher and, obviously, professor.

Frankly, I think the facts warrant the violent expulsion of Tom Willis from civilized society.

I must say it is deeply ironic that while the ID movement whines and moans about how they are being so terribly repressed, here we have a high-profile creationist talking about disenfranchising and alienating mainstream biologists and academics...oh, I'm sorry, I mean "evolutionists", from society. I wonder what Mr. Willis thinks should be done with these "evolutionists" after they are successfuly violently expelled from "civilized society"? Perhaps they should be rounded up and put into camps so they cannot go on spreading their wicked beliefs to the outside world? And then perhaps some forcible re-education? And if they still fail to embrace God's love, burn them!

And don't you just love the epithets that creationists use to describe people that understand anything about the history of life on this planet? "Evolutionists". "Darwinists". I guess "biologists" sounds too innocuous. Far better to create some scary sounding "ism" with which to scare all those "immature humans". Classic totalitarian methods.

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basil said...

Cleveland MO, home of Tom Willis,, is just south of the Kansas City metro area.

Within a hour's drive of this place:

The Kansas School Board will undergo a shakeup this fall, about half the members, both conservative and moderate, will be leaving.

I took a couple of classes in Wichita with Carol Rupe some while ago (moderate) and had a very pleasant chat with Ken Willard (conservative) in the fall 2006. I could not convince him of the error of his ways, however.