Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mixed signals

So there are reports that Clinton is planning to drop out today, and also vehement denials from her campaign. There is also speculation that she will push hard to get the VP slot and will make her concession dependent on that (ugh). And finally, there was a report that a bunch of uncommitted senators failed to reach an endorsement decision. Fucking cowards.

Anyway, with any luck, Obama will pick up the majority of the remaining pledged delegates and quite possibly a bunch of superdelegates tonight. That's just about settled.

What's pissing me off today is this idea that the RBC decision was somehow unfair to Hillary, and that they gave four extra delegates to Obama from Michigan. Harold Ickes was particularly mad about this perceived injustice. But as WaPo columnest Eugene Robinson points out, the Clinton campaign should be happy they got anything out of Michigan:

Recall that the Michigan primary, like the Florida contest, was not legitimate. Period. As far as the party was concerned -- and as far as Clinton herself was concerned, before she fell behind Barack Obama -- the primary never happened. None of the candidates campaigned in Michigan. Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot.

Yet, in the interest of party unity, the rules committee came up with a formula that gave Clinton credit for 69 delegates that she "won" running virtually unopposed in a vote that technically never took place. Ickes and the angry Clinton supporters who protested the committee meeting objected to the fact that Obama was awarded Michigan delegates that he didn't win. But Clinton, too, was awarded delegates she didn't win, because -- remember? -- there was no legitimate Michigan primary.

It's stuff like this that has made this primary so frustrating. The Clinton campaign has become utterly divorced from reality. If they stand in their way, to hell with the rules! Hypocrisy is no barrier to Hillary's unquenchable drive for power. But two final primary wins and a flood of superdelegate endorsements just might be. Even she can't deny reality forever.

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